North Carolina Man Found Guilty Of Murdering 3 Men In Hamden, Connecticut

By Marquise Washington –

On Thursday at the United States District Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut a federal jury found Edward Michael Parks, also known as “Lee” and “Trouble,” 36, of Raleigh, North Carolina, guilty of two counts of kidnapping resulting in death, and one count of witness tampering by killing.

In November 2015, Parks was in an apartment on Shelton Avenue in New Haven to conduct an illegal sale of firearms.  

Damian Connor and Tamar Lawrence were also present in the apartment.  When another individual left the apartment with firearms that he had not paid for, Parks, who was armed, held Connor and Lawrence against their will.  

Parks collected money and valuables from Connor and Lawrence and then forced them to travel in Connor’s car to Hamden, where Connor said he could get more money.  They were followed in another vehicle by Devante Williams and another individual.  

After the vehicles arrived at 676 Mix Avenue in Hamden, Parks shot and killed Connor and Lawrence.  

Parks left the scene with Williams and others in the second vehicle and returned to New Haven.

When Parks appeared to believe that Williams was anxious about the murders of Connor and Lawrence, Parks shot and killed Williams in the area of Sherman Court in New Haven.

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