Tariq Martin Of New Haven, Connecticut Pleaded Guilty To Possession Of Ammunition By A Felon

By Tiffany Williams –

On Monday, Tariq Martin, 22, of New Haven, Connecticut, pleaded guilty to possession of ammunition by a felon.

A court-authorized search of Martin’s Snapchat account in the spring of 2022 revealed numerous photos of Martin in possession of firearms.  

On June 15, 2022, New Haven Police arrested Martin in the area of Ferry Street and Chatham Street on an outstanding state warrant for firearm and narcotics offenses.  At the time of his arrest, Martin possessed a loaded Polymer 80 privately made firearm.  

A subsequent search of the car Martin was seen driving revealed 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Martin was previously convicted on July 2021, in state court of conspiracy to commit first-degree assault, for which he was sentenced to five years of incarceration, execution suspended after 16 months, and three years of probation. 

A person convicted of a felony under federal law is prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.

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