Worcester Red Sox Win Fourth Outing Against Durham Bulls 5-1

By Tiffany Williams –

Coming off a phenomenal Thursday night 12-0 win, Worcester had their fourth outing against the Durham Bulls Friday night with Franchy Cordero, at the bottom of the first, cracking this game open with a dinger to put Worcester on the top 0-1 early.  

Bottom of the third, Enmanuel Valdez hit his second Polar Park dinger, 24th dinger of the season between Worcester, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys and the Corpus Christi Hooks. Valdez with that dinger drove in Franchy Cordero and Abraham Almonte to put Worcester on top 0-4, and to get his 81st RBI of the season. 

Valdez started this season down with the Corpus Christi Hooks (Double-A Houston Astros), moved his way up to the Sugar Land Space Cowboys (Triple-A Houston Astros) and then this week was part of a move that got him to Worcester. 

His first game here Tuesday afternoon, Valdez hit his first Polar Park dinger. Thursday night I talked with Valdez in the Clubhouse and he told me he’s felt really good the past couple of days, the team has really welcomed him, the team has been really supportive of him and that he’s always gonna try to do the same for his teammates and give them energy. When I asked him about his homer Tuesday afternoon, Almonte said it was really an emotional moment for him having an opportunity to be in an organization he’s always dreamed of being in, which is the Red Sox.  

Top of the third, Jim Haley made it over the plate for Durham to make this a 1-3 Worcester game. And at the top of the seventh, Nick Sogard made it over the plate for Worcester to make it a 1-5 Worcester game.

After Friday night’s game I asked Worcester Red Sox Manager Chad Tracy about Valdez and he said, “It seem great, at least watching him the first day came in he met everybody, he got here in the middle of a game but he has fallen right in and jelled with them extremely well. So it just seems like he’s woven his way into the fabric of this thing pretty quickly. He’s dangerous as well.”

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