Worcester Red Sox Beat Rochester Red Wings 8-6 To End June

By Tiffany Williams – 

Ending June on a high note is smoothing the Worcester Red Sox needed to do after starting at the top of the month losing three against the Syracuse Mets and then losing four against Toledo in the middle of the month. Worcester will end June winning nine of their last ten with tonight’s 8-6 win. 

This was indeed a contest to get us pumped up for what Worcester is truly capable of doing when they play at their best and when the bat to ball contact is going just as it’s supposed to with four homers.

Deivy Grullon opened this contest up at the top of the second with his first homer of the season to drive in Ronaldo Hernandez and Jeter Downs to get Worcester an early 3-0 lead. Pedro Castellanos, who made his triple-A debut just this past Saturday, hit his second triple-A dinger for Worcester at the top of the third to drive in Jaylin Davis and put Worcester on top 5-0. The homer parade continued for Worcester at the top of the fourth with Devlin Granberg hitting his first dinger to drive in Johan Mieses and put Worcester on top 7-0. 

After six scoreless innings, Rochester had a seventh inning rally that started with Josh Palacios hitting a double to help drive in Lldemaro Vargas, Jake Noll hit a double to drive in Joey Meneses, Taylor Gushue hit a double to drive in Josh Palacios and Jake Noll and then Nick Banks hit a homer to drive in Taylor Gushue and make it a 7-6 Worcester lead at the end of the seventh. 

Johan Mieses put this game to bed at the top of the eighth with his seventh dinger of the season to put Worcester on top 8-6.

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