Worcester Red Sox Get 9-8 Walk-off Win Against Syracuse Mets

By Tiffany Williams – 

On Tuesday night The Worcester red Sox hosted the Syracuse Mets for game one of a six-game series. When these two triple-A clubs met back in April, Syracuse won five of six against Worcester. Syracuse has lost their last four while Worcester has won their last three. Considering Worcester gets to face a struggling Syracuse, this was a great matchup for them to put numbers on the board.

Nick Dini opened this game up for Syracuse with a single at the top of the second to drive in Mark Vientos and put Syracuse up 1-0. At the bottom of the second Rob Refsnyder scored to open this game up for Worcester and make it a 1-1 tie contest.

At the top of the third Khalil Lee hit his second homer of the season to put Syracuse up 2-1. At the bottom of the third Ryan Fitzgerald hit a single to help drive in Yolmer Sanchez and then Christin Stewart hit a single to drive in Jarren Duran and put Worcester up 2-3. 

At the top of the fourth Nick Dini scored to make it a 3-3 tie game. Gosuke Katoh scored to put Syracuse up 4-3 and then Daniel Johnson scored to put Syracuse up on top 5-3. 

Worcester tied this game up at the bottom of the fifth with a homer by Christin Stewart 403 feet to right field into the Country Bank seats  to drive in Ryan Fitzgerald to make it 5-5. At the bottom of the sixth Worcester got on top in this game with Jonathan Arauz, Yolmer Sanchez and Jarren Duran to make it a 5-8 game.

At the top of the eighth Syracuse tied this game up 8-8 with Gosuke Katoh, Jake Mangum and Khalil Lee scoring.

At the bottom of the tenth inning Connor Wong hit his fourth double to drive in Yolmer Sanchez and get the walk off 8-9 win for Worcester.

Worcester and Syracuse will meet again on Wednesday for game two of six at 12:15 pm, a School Day matinee with a free School Kit for kids thanks to Fontaine Bros. Wednesday is also “First Responder Wednesday” and that means four free tickets for first responders.

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