Worcester Red Sox Fall Again In Game 4 Against Syracuse Mets

By Tiffany Williams –

Friday night at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, New York the Worcester Red Sox and the Syracuse Mets played game four of a six-game set. The Worcester Red Sox lost this one 3-13. 

The Worcester Red Sox had a solo run at the top of the first that was driven in by Christin Stewart. At the top of the third Yolmer Sanchez hit his fourth homer of the season to drive in Christin Stewart. 

In the bottom of the first the Mets had a solo run followed by a grand slam. The Mets had another solo run in the bottom of the fourth and then in the bottom of the 5th, Daniel Palka hit his 5th homer of the season for the Mets to drive in Carlos Rincon. At the bottom of the Mets again had another solo run. It was in the bottom of the 7th that the Mets secured their win with first a solo run and then a homer to drive in two.

The Worcester Red Sox have not come out in their best form in this six-game set against the Syracuse Mets. With just two games remaining in this set, the Worcester Red Sox will look to find their way Saturday night in game five. The last win the WooSox saw was on April 16 against the Iron Pigs at Home in Worcester. They have now lost five straight and are now 9-7. 

The Syracuse Mets are a familiar opponent for the WooSox as they lost three against them in their final 2021 road trip to Syracuse.

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