Worcester Red Sox Win Fourth Straight Beating The Iron Pigs 3-7

By Tiffany Williams –

Back in the Canal District in Worcester on Wednesday night, with 6,269 fans in the stands the WooSox hosted the Iron Pigs for the second game of their six-game homestand and secured their fourth straight win.

The first pitch for this game was at 6:46 PM and the first inning went scoreless but in the bottom of the second the WooSox picked up two runs (Ronaldo Hernandez and Yolmer Sanchez) to make it a WooSox 0-2 lead. 

At the bottom of the 5th with bases loaded Rob Refsnyder hit a double to drive in Yolmer Sanchez and Grant Williams to make it a 0-4 WooSox lead. With two runners now on base, Triston Casas hit a single on a line drive and drove in Ryan Fitzgerald and Rob Refsnyder to make it a 0-6 WooSox lead. 

At the top of the 6th the Iron Pigs had a homer to get on the board in this game and make it a WooSox 1-6 lead. 

At the top of the seventh Triston Casas hit his third homer of the season 410 feet to right field to make it a 1-7 WooSox lead. 

At the top of the 8th Jorge Bonifacio hit a single on a line drive to bring in Donny Sands to make it a 2-7 WooSox lead and then at the top of 9th, Worcesterite John Andreoli hit his first homer of the season for the Iron Pigs to make it a 3-7 WooSox game.

Jonathan Burgos & Julian Rivera contributed to this article.

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