Red Sox Pick Up Second Spring Training Game W

By Tiffany Williams –

Friday’s sports action kicked off down at JetBlue Park at Fenway South, in Fort Myers, Florida with the Red Sox hosting the Rays. After winning their Spring Opener Thursday against the Twins, the Red Sox picked up their second Spring training game W Friday.

The first two innings went scoreless and the third inning was controlled by the Ray’s with both Mastrobuoni and Quiroz scoring to make it a 2-0 Ray’s lead.

In the fourth inning Boldt scored for the Ray’s and then for the Red Sox, Dalbec homered to left and picked up two RBIs (Devers and Arroyo) to make it a 3-3 tie game.

In the 5th inning Rafaela scored for the Red Sox to make it a 3-4 Red Sox lead and In the seventh inning Proctor homered to left and he picked up two RBI’s (Misnner and Edwards) to make it a 6-4 Ray’s lead.

In the 8th inning with Adrian De Horta pitching, Koss homered left to make it a 6-5 Red Sox lead. Off of Reed hitting a single to center, Wilson made his way from second around third and home to make it a 6-6 tie game.

In the ninth inning with Peguero pitching, Koss at the plate had three balls and two strikes looking like he was gonna either strikeout or get walked but instead he homered to left for back-to-back homers against two different pitchers flexing what he’s made of. At the end of the ninth it was a 6-7 Red Sox game.

Note, it would have been a 6-8 Red Sox game but Downs got cught trying to steal second. He has an appetite for stealing bases and as we saw on Thursday he can be good at it but down the stretch in the regular season his appetite could get the Red Sox in trouble when they need the runs on the board to win not by one but by a stretch.

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