Some New Haven, Connecticut Residents Might Need To Be Revaccinated

By Eleanor Flynt –

People who received a vaccine in New Haven, may need to get another shot. Mayor Justin Elicker of New Haven says he found out just this week that vaccines were improperly stored at the New Haven Health Department clinic at 54 Meadow Street from December 23 to February 7.

Mayor Elicker said 650 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were frozen longer than needed and “There’s specific directions about how long vaccines should be in a freezer versus put in the refrigerator and that timeline was not appropriately followed.”

City officials have been in contact with Pfizer and the state Department of Public Health and are recommending those impacted get revaccinated as soon as they can.

Anyone impacted will be contacted directly by the health department.

As for how this happened, Mayor Elicker says the state is investigating. 

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