Game Of The Week – Holy Cross Beats Colgate 42-10

By Tiffany Williams – 

For this week’s game of the week, we didn’t need to go far with some great football with some electric fans. The Holy Cross Crusaders hosted the Colgate Raiders at Polar Park in the Canal District of Worcester. In this matchup the Crusaders claimed their 5th win of the season with a 10-42 win against the Raiders.

In the first quarter, Peter Oliver had a 22 yard running TD and Tyler Purdy had a 4 yard running TD. The KA was good on both and the first quarter ended with the Crusaders leading 0-14. 

In the second quarter, Spencer Biscoe got the Raiders in this game with a 25 yard field goal. Jordan Fuller had a  3 yard running TD for the Crusaders and William Gruber had a 99 yard kickoff return for the Raiders. The second quarter ended with the Crusaders leading 10-20. 

In the third quarter, Matthew Sluka and Cullen Honohan both had touchdowns. The third quarter ended 10-35. 

In the fourth quarter, Matthew Sluka got his second TD of the game and the fourth quarter ended 10-42 Crusaders game.

Jose Rivera and Jonathan Burgos contributed to this game for Monday Nights Sports Talk.

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