Internship Opportunities

Welcome Future Intern


Journalism in the 21st century is a dynamic and rapidly changing field. In the NewsTalk New England Internship Program, you will learn in the field and in the classroom the fundamentals of the craft and the new media skills you need to succeed in the industry. We are pleased  at NewsTalk New England to offer a program of internship assignments to a limited number of qualified high school and college students. Our internships are non-paid and will be for high school or college credit only. Internships coincide with each particular school’s term, however, they should not be less than 6 weeks and no longer than 18 weeks. Students will be expected to work approximately 15-20 hours per week. Assignments are designed to supplement classroom study with actual hands-on experience, as students participate in special projects under the supervision of our professional staff and assignments are scheduled throughout the year. Interns receive no financial remuneration and ARE NOT in any way employees of NewsTalk New England. Participation in the program does not obligate NewsTalk New England to offer employment to the intern at any future time.


Candidates for internship assignments are selected without regard to age, sex, race, religion or national origin. Candidates must be high school or college students majoring in communication, journalism or photojournalism, and must be available to work a minimum of 15 hours per week, for a minimum of one semester, quarter or summer session. Admission to the program is competitive, as more students may apply each term than we can accommodate. Decisions on admission to the program are made by our management staff, based primarily on academic achievement, verification of internship (“For Credit”), and recommendations from faculty members.


Interested candidates should submit an internship application along with verification from school, which authorizes them to intern for school credit and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

  • Deadline for Fall Semester internship: July 15 (runs August-November)
  • Deadline for Spring Semester internship: December 15 (runs January-April)
  • Deadline for Summer internship: April 15 (runs May-July)

Interns will learn the following:

  • Intro to Journalism
  • News Literacy
  • Newswriting and Reporting 
  • Intro to Visual Storytelling
  • Social Media Journalism Basics
  • Opinion Writing
  • Interviewing Essentials
  • Journalism and Law
  • Journalism Ethics
  • Journalism Standards and Principles
  • Photo journalism
  • Video journalism

Upon successful completion of the NewsTalk New England Internship Program, High schools students will be given a Certificate of Journalism.