Islamophobia Leads To A Hate Crime Charge For A Framingham Man

By Angel Quiroz – 

Framingham Police over the weekend arrested Aleksey Cherednichenko, 56, of Framingham and that he has been charged with a hate crime after a a racially motivated attack on a Muslim couple.

The incident, Framingham Police say happened Saturday in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s at 659 Worcester Rd. Cherednichenko approached the couple’s car just before 12 p.m. and kicked and punched it, causing the vehicle to rock. When the couple exited their vehicle, Cherednichenko allegedly scratched the man’s face and called his wife a “Muslim (expletive).”

As for the couple, Framingham Police say that they were able to get away from Cherednichenko without any serious bodily injury. 

In addition to a hate crime charge, Framingham Police say that Cherednichenko has also been charged with simple assault and battery, malicious damage to a car, and disorderly conduct.

A poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted ahead of the 9/11 anniversary found that 53% of Americans have unfavorable views toward Islam, compared with 42% who have favorable ones.

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