Jeremy Rivera Finds His First Homer In WooSox v. IronPigs Doubleheader

By Tiffany Williams –

Saturday was a beautiful day for some baseball in the Cabal District. The Worcester Red Sox played a double header against the IronPigs. While they lost game one 8-6, they came back for game two and claimed a 5-4 win.

In game one, the IronPigs came into this gaame determined to get their second win of this six game homestand. At the top of the first Luke Williams, Adam Haseley and CJ Chatham all scored to make it a 3-0, IronPigs lead.

At the top of the third, CJ Chatham hit his second homer of the season and got an RBI (Adam Haseley) to make it a 5-0, IronPigs. Now the IronPigs were not leaving the this inning without getting at least one more run and that’s exactly what Jorge Bonifacio did to me it a 6-0, IronPigs lead.

Franchy Cordero came into the bottom of the third and got the Worcester Red Sox into the game, hitting his tenth homer of the season to make it a 6-1, IronPigs lead.

At the top of the 5th, CJ Chatham did it again, hitting his second homer of the game and his third for the season to make it a 7-1, IronPigs lead.

Another inning, another they did’t wanna end it and they just had to get one more run to finish the inning, The IronPigs did just that with Jorge Bonifacio getting a run to make it an 8-1, IronPigs lead.

When they start rolling, they just keep on rolling and that is how the rest of this game went for the Worcester red Sox. In the bottom of the 5th, Joey Meneses hit his fourth homer of the season to make it an 8-2, IronPigs lead.

Josh Ockimey came alive in the bottom of the 5th, hitting his 15th homer of the season and got himself an RBI (Franchy Cordero) to make it an 8-4, IronPigs lead.

In the bottom of the 6th, Joey Meneses hit his seventh double for the season and got two RBI (Tate Matheny and Jeremy Rivera) to make it an 8-4, IronPigs game.

Game two of the doubleheader was the makeup of the Thursday game that was postponed because of weather conditions.

In game two, this was not the Worcester Red Sox that we saw in game one or even Friday night when they got shuout by the IronPigs.

Game two, bottom of the first, Josh Ockimey hit a single and got an RBI (Taylor Motter) to get the Worcester Red Sox into the game 0-1.

Top of the second, T.J. Rivera for the IronPigs hit his 9th homer of the season to make it a 1-1, tie game. Adam Haseley pulled the IronPigs away from a tie game by getting a run to make it a 2-1, IronPigs lead.

In the bottom of the 5th, it was time for Jeremy Rivera to shine and his time to shine was definitely overdue. Rivera let us all know that he was still here in Worcester and what better way to do just that, then by hitting his first homer of the season to make it a 2-2, tie game.

Now the bottom of the 5th wasn’t over with a homer by Rivera. Franchy Cordero came in and got a single and that drove in Chad De La Guerra to make it a 2-3, Worcester lead.

If you thought that Jeremy was done in this game, well think again. Tate Matheny hit his 12th double of the season and that drove in Jeremy Rivera to make it a 2-4, Worcester lead.

At the top of the seventh, IronPigs didn’t wanna go away easy so Arquímedes Gamboa hit his second homer of the season which als drove in Nick Maton to make it a 4-4, tie game.

At the bottom of the seventh Jeremy Rivera was back and saved all from a heart attack, hitting a single that drove in Franchy Cordero to make it a 4-5, Worcester game.

Folks say that I brag a little to much about Jeremy Rivera and maybe I do. I like to brag about players that everyone else considrs an underdog or who gets overshadowed by other players or who just simply put, they go unnoticed because the media gods don’t give them the credit that they deserve.

Jeremy Rivera has been an impactful player since being called up from Portland. It’s the small plays that help push a team to get a win. Jeremy Rivera has made a lot of small plays both defensively and offensively that has helped the Worcester Red Sox win some games this season.

I’m not gonna brag about Jeremy Rivera but what I will say, is that his mindset towards this game, reminds me a lot of Wade Boggs and the mindset that he had towards this game. Boggs once said “In life, so many things are taken for granted, but one thing I can honestly say is that I took every day, enjoyed the game of putting on that uniform and playing the great game of baseball.”

Sunday, the Worcester Red Sox will wrap up this six game homestand against the IronPigs. They Worcester Red Sox could get a win Sunday but they will need to show a strong performance by everyone offensively. The Worcester Red Sox cannot have another disappointing loss like they had on Friday night. They need to stay in this tight on sunday because if they don’t, we’ll see what happend on Friday night repeat on Sunday.

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