Holyoke Man Arrested For Possession Of Class A Drug

By Tiffany Williams –

Earlier this afternoon, Holyoke Police and the State Police Gang Unit, conducted an operation to locate individuals with active warrants.

While in the area of 365 Appleton St. they located Raymond R. Cortes in an alley. It confirmed that there was an active warrant for Cortes and he was taken into custody.

Before being put into a cruiser, Cortes was searched for contraband. The detective who searched Cortes recovered from his person hypodermic syringes and five glassing baggies containing a tan powder.

Based on their training and experience, the detective believed the tan powder was consistent with that of heroin.

In addition to the warrant, Cortes was charged with possession of class A drug.

Criminal information and complaints are only allegations. All persons charged are presumed to be innocent unless and until found guilty in court.

At this time there is no additional information involving this case. For updates, follow @crimetrackersma on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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