Danny Ainge Out, Brad Stevens Promoted, Could Next Celtics Coach Be Jerome Allen or Todd Bozeman?

By Tiffany Williams –

Back in march, after Indiana University fired their head basketball coach Archie Miller, some sports reporters started talking about the possibility that Brad Stevens would leave Boston and take a job with Indiana University. When I said he would be crazy for leaving Boston, for leaving the NBA at such a great position, people said that I was out of my ever flipping mind. At the same time Stevens himself said that he was not leaving Boston and he kept telling folks that he was going nowhere.  Stevens back in March went on Zolak & Bertrand and at that time talked about the rumors that he would be leaving. He said then “I am not,” when he was asked if he was leaving.

Am I shocked by the news that Danny Ainge is retiring and Brad Stevens is being promoted to president of basketball operations? I wasn’t the least bit shocked by the news and anyone who can read this franchise, also shouldn’t have been shocked. The writing was on the wall for everyone to see that Danny Ainge after this season was out the door.

With the Celtics now in their offseason, the focus for this franchise has to be on rebranding the package and a major part of that rebranding right now will be on who will replace Brad Stevens. There are a lot of great opportunities for this franchise to go after and bring in however to do that might not be the right direction for this franchise. 

Now this is where people will possibly call me crazy but I think the guy to replace Stevens is already set up and in the best position to take the job and that is, Celtics Assistant Coach Jerome Allen. The Sports Gods over at ESPN and CBS are probably cursing my name right now for even suggesting this. 

Another great candidate to replace Stevens would be University of Rhode Island head coach, Todd Bozeman.

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