Saint Vincent Hospital Hiring Replacement Nurses Permanently

By Tiffany Williams –

Nurses at Saint Vincent Hospital remain on strike but on Tuesday, the hospital released a statement that it will be moving forward.

The Hospital says that 140 nurses have returned to work and temporary replacement nurses also provide care to patients however there are still some nurses out and on strike.

As a long term approach to nursing at the hospital, the hospital says that it is planning to fill approximately 50 nursing positions with its first job posting. These include all day shift positions scheduled for 32 hours or more per week in critical care and all but one inpatient med-surg unit. This will enable enhanced continuity of care and help reduce the cost of the temporary replacement nurses. For the time being, the remaining nursing roles will continue to be provided by Saint Vincent nurses or temporary replacement nurses.

Once a striking nurse’s position is permanently filled, that nurse will not have the right to return to work immediately when the strike ends. Instead, in accordance with federal law, they will be placed on a “preferential hire list,” and will be eligible to return as vacancies arise.

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