Leicester Police Fatally Shoot Man Pointing A Riffle At Officers

By Tiffany Williams –

In Leicester on Sunday, police fatally  shot a  man. That man has not yet been identified but Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early, says the man was in his twenties.

The man drove an SUV into the front entrance of the Leicester Police Station around 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning. District Attorney Joseph Early said the entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras, a Worcester regional emergency communications dispatcher saw the incident happening and contacted Leicester police and EMTs.

As officers arrived at the Police Station the man excited the SUV and pointed what appeared to be a riffle at police at which time officers shot him.

The man was rushed to St. Vincent Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Leicester Police say that no officers were shot but Chief Kenneth Antanavica said two officers were automatically placed on administrative leave following the incident.

District Attorney Joseph Early said the video shows officers responding to the scene as they were trained.

Early said. “Police have a hard, hard job. You’ve got a guy that pops out of the truck and he’s got a rifle pointed at you. I don’t want to go any further. But their job is so hard.”

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