Woo Fridge Feeding Worcester Residents

By Jerry Filmore Jr. –

On Saturday at the Woo Fridge community fridge on Main Street, community members arrived with donations and some arrived to pick up free food and even Easter baskets. The community fridge at 910 Main Street provides free food but also creates unity in the community as well as makes people smile.

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, and millions of Americans still out of work, one of the nation’s most urgent problems has only grown worse: hunger.

Molly O McCullough, a member of the Worcester School Committee, on Saturday told Worcester Daily News, “During a time when so many individuals and families are in need, initiatives such as Woo Fridge are an amazing example of mutual aid spearheaded by community members. It has been wonderful see the amount of community support Woo Fridge has received right from the start.”

According to the Greater Boston Food Bank, one in eight residents in Massachusetts faces food insecurity. Since March 2020, there’s been a 59 percent increase in food insecurity — the largest increase of any state, according to Feeding America.

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