Barricaded Suspect Arrested On Canterbury Street

By Tiffany Williams –

Worcester Police say that charges are pending against a man who barricaded himself in a room with knives and a wrench.

Officers responded to 87 Canterbury Street at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Friday and upon arrival, Worcester Police say that, “Officers were told that a male was in a room on the first floor of the apartment armed with knives and a wrench.”

Officers attempted to talk with the man and Worcester Police say that, “The suspect came to the back door and started to yell at officers. He then proceeded to swing a large wrench at them. The suspect went back inside and grabbed a bowl filled with yellow liquid. He threw the liquid at officers. One officer was hit in the face and needed to get his eyes flushed at the hospital. Other officers were also evaluated at the hospital after being hit with the liquid.”

Eventuallly officers were able to take the man into custody and “Charges are pending,” said Worcester Police.

As for the yellow liquid, Worcester Police says, “The Massachusetts State Police Hazmat Team arrived on scene to analyze the liquid that was thrown at police. It was determined that the liquid/chemicals used were prescription medication, mixed with acetone and urine.”

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