U.S. Capitol Police Officer Killed As Man Attempts To Breach U.S. Capitol Barricade

By Jerry Filmore Jr. –

Three months after a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol killing a U.S. Capitol Police Officer, one U.S. Capitol police officer who has been identified as officer William F. Evans, is dead and another officer was injured after a man rammed his vehicle into a barricade on the north side of the Capitol building Friday afternoon

U.S. Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda D. Pittman said Friday afternoon, “It is with a very, very heavy heart that I announce that one of our officers have succumbed to injuries.”

The officers were struck near a security checkpoint on Constitution Avenue Pittman said he got out of the vehicle and was shot by Capitol Police officers after he ran “aggressively” at officers with a knife.

Congress is in recess this week, so lawmakers are not in the building however U.S. Capitol police sent an alert around 1:04 p.m. Friday locking down the building and staff members were told they could not enter or exit the building.

This is the second time a USCP officer died protecting the Capitol this year. The first was Officer Brian Sicknick who died following the Jan. 6 riots. Two other Capitol Police officers took their own lives after the riots in January.

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