State Police Make Traffic In Worcester And Recover Loaded Firearm

By Amanda Porter –

On Tuesday, Troopers Staley and Polinski were on patrol in the area of Cambridge Street in Worcester when they did a check of a vehicle registration that was in front of them. The check of the vehicle registration revealed that there was no inspection status.

The troopers pulled the vehicle over and when trooper Staley approached the drivers side of the vehicle, trooper Staley asked the driver for his license and the vehicle registration. The driver was unable to produce the requested documents and trooper Staley observed that the driver was nervous.

When the driver asked trooper Staley why he was being pulled over, trooper Staley advised him that the vehicle was not inspected.

Trooper Staley again requested to see the drivers license and the vehicle registration and the driver informed trooper Staley that he did not have either. Trooper Staley asked the driver to verbally identify himself and the driver did.

Both Troopers Staley and Polinski returned to their cruiser to do a check on the driver with the information that they had been given by the driver, that check came back that the drivers license was suspended as of June.

The Troopers returned to the vehicle and the driver who had been identified as Chance Brown, was asked to exit the vehicle. As Brown exited the vehicle he was placed in handcuffs and advised of his Miranda rights by trooper Polinski who also advised Brown that he was just being detained and was at that point not being arrested.

Before putting Brown in the rear of the cruiser, trooper Polinski asked Brown if he had any illegal drugs or weapons in the vehicle and Brown denied that there was anything in the vehicle.

Because Brown did not have an active license to drive the vehicle, it was determined that the vehicle would be towed. Prior to having the vehicle towed, both troopers Staley and Polinski conducted an inventory of what was in the vehicle which is standard of the Mass State Police prior to having any vehicle towed.

While both troopers were conducting the inventory of the vehicle, trooper Polinski located a loaded firearm between the drivers seat and the center console.

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