Worcester Police Vice Squad Make Drug Arrest at Ernie’s Car Wash

By Amanda Porter –

On Tuesday morning around 11:30 a.m. officers with the Worcester Police Vice Squad were conducting surveillance in the area of Ernie’s Car Wash at 579 Millbury Street.

Officers observed a person known to police walk around to the rear of the car wash and then to the right of the car wash where the parking area is located. This person began looking around at the vehicles parked then made their way back to the other side of the car wash.

Officers also observed a vehicle in the second wash bay and the person who is known to police entered that vehicle on the passenger side. A minute later the person who is known to police then exited the vehicle and started walking away however this person was stopped by officers.

Based off their training and experience, officers believed that they had just observed a street level drug transaction.

Officers also approached the vehicle that was in the second wash bay and they identified the person in that vehicle as Timothy Davis-Walsh.

Davis-Walsh was searched and from his front right pocket officers recovered a clear plastic bag with 33 individual small plastic bags with a brown powdery substance. From his front left pocket, officers recovered $607.

From the car that Davis-Walsh was in and that was in the second wash bay, officers recovered one individual plastic bag with a brown powdery substance in it that was on the front drivers side floor. Additionally, officers recovered $221 that was on the drivers seat.

Davis-Walsh was taken into custody and he was charged with distribution of a class A substance and possession with intent to distribute a class A substance.

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