Secretary of State Condemns ISIS-K Attack In Kabul

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Hosts Romanian President Klaus Iohannis At The State Department

By Tristan Bishop –

On Friday Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, condemned an ISIS-K attack on a Kabul gathering held to commemorate a revered Shiite martyr.

Secretary Pompeo called the attack “despicable” and also said, “Attacking the innocent and defenseless at a memorial event is a sign of weakness, not a show of strength.”

27 people were killed in the attack, the deadliest attack since a peace deal was signed between the United States and the Taliban.

Top Afghan political leader, Abdullah Abdullah was attending the gathering and was able to escape unharmed.

In a statement to the media, Secretary Pompeo said, “The Afghan people deserve a future free from terror. The ongoing Afghan Peace Process presents a critical opportunity for Afghans to come together to build a united front against the menace of ISIS.”

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