Reported Bomb Threats In Wocester And Other Parts Of Massachusetts

By Tiffany Williams –

Thursday afternoon Worcester Police and Fire responded to two locations in the city for bomb threats.

The first location police and fire responded to was 12 George Street and the second location was at 490 Shrewsbury Street.

The bomb threat at 490 Shrewsbury Street was to the office of a lawyer and at 12 George Street is the Florence House Teen Living Program managed by Ascentria Care.

Massachusetts State Police earlier this afternoon tweeted, “MSP Fusion Center tracking multiple bomb threats emailed to numerous businesses in the state. MSP Bomb Squad notified and local departments are responding in their communities. Similar threats have been received in other states. We will share more info when available.”

State Police also said, “MSP and partner agencies on federal and local levels are conducting risk assessment procedures regarding the threats and will determine appropriate responses. NO indications of any explosives located or detonated to this point. We will continue to communicate info when available.”

It is unknown if the two bomb threats this afternoon in Worcester are related to each other or even if they have any connection with the threats that MSP is investigating.

In Hingham, police responded to bomb threats at businesses on Derby and Central streets. Both were evacuated and in Medway, Police say the Charles River Bank received an email at 1:20 p.m. from someone asking for an undisclosed amount of money or a bomb would allegedly go off at the location.


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