Worcester Man Convicted Of Possession With Intent To Distribute Cocaine

By Tiffany Williams –

Today Efrain Matias, of Worcester was convicted by a federal jury of attempted possession with the intent to distribute 22 kilograms of cocaine.

Between December of 2007 and June 25, 2008, Matias was the target of a federal sting operation.

The operation culminated in the arrest of Matias on June 25, 2008, when he arrived at a meeting with undercover agents outside of an Auburn coffee house with nearly $215,000 in cash to purchase 22 kilograms of cocaine.

After giving the money to the agents he was placed under arrest. In addition to finding Matias guilty, the jury found that the cash – nearly $215,000 – and two cars which the Matias used in connection with the crime should be forfeited to the government.

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