Celtics Lose 3rd Straight In OT Thriller

By DJ Harding

The Celtics are coming off a back to back that resulted in  2 losses to the Magic and the Heat. Despite these back to back losses, Boston still has the best record in the NBA at 35-14. Before playing the Magic on Monday, the Celtics won 9 straight. Also, in the news before the game, Jayson Tatum was named an All-Star Starter. Boston was trying to get the first win in rivals week after the week started with a Tuesday loss to the Miami Heat.

Boston jumped out to a 22-7 lead with Jayson Tatum having 12 points during that beginning stretch. Boston would be up 34-26. Julius Randle led all scorers after 1 quarter of play with 14 points. To begin the second quarter, the Knicks went on a 9-0 run to lead 35-34. From there, there were multiple lead changes until the end of the half when the score was 60-58. For the Knicks, Immanuel Quickley led them with points having 15, which all came in the second quarter. Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle each contributed 14 points. Boston main contributors were Jayson Tatum 16 points and Jaylen Brown with 12 points. 

Coming out of the half, it was more back and forth until it was tied at 73 with 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter when the Knicks went on a 7-0 run. They would keep this momentum and end the 3rd quarter up 91-85. To begin the fourth quarter, the Celtics would get within 4 points, with the score being 91-87 before the Knicks would go on a 11-2 run, which ended with 7 minutes left in regulation. The Celtics would fight back and eventually tie the game up at 110 in the final minute. Tatum would take a last second shot that would miss, and we would go into overtime. The Celtics are 2-3 in Overtime going into tonight. Boston would score the first 5 points of overtime throughout the first 5 minutes of overtime. The Knicks would respond and take the lead on a R.J Barrett three that would take the lead with 39 seconds left. Jaylen Brown would score a layup to make the score 117-116. Julius Randle would get fouled and go 2 for 2 on the line to give New York the lead back. Boston would have one last shot with Jaylen Brown getting fouled. Brown Unfortunately would do the opposite of Randle and miss both clutch free throws. Boston would get one more shot after fouling New York and giving them 2 more free throws. It would result in a missed 3 and a New York win. When asked about the missed free throws, Brown said “I gotta be better”.

New York was led by 37 points from Julius Randle, along with 29 from Jalen Brunson. R.J. Barrett also contributed 19 points. Boston was led by Jayson Tatum with 35 points and Jaylen Brown with 22 points. Celtics fall to 35-15, only a half game above Denver for best team in the league. Boston still leads the East by two and a half games with Philly not far behind. This is now 3 losses in a row as Boston looks to rebound against the Los Angeles Lakers, who play Saturday at 8:30 on ABC. This is Boston’s last game during NBA Rival week, and I hope to not go 0-3 this week and lose 3 nationally televised games in a row.

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