Massachusetts State Police Arrest Webster Man With Loaded Firearm

By Michael J. Goddard –

At approximately 1030 a.m. Monday, Massachusetts State Police arrested Robert Cephas, 30, of Webster, Massachusetts. Cephas is charged with Illegal Possession of a Firearm, Second Offense; Possession of a Firearm with Prior Violent/Drug Crime; Carrying a Loaded Firearm; Possession of Firearm Silencer; Possession of Ammunition without FID Card; Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Subsequent Offense; and Following Too Close to Motor Vehicle.

While conducting speed enforcement on Route 90 eastbound in Framingham, Trooper Jeffrey Lang, assigned to State Police-Weston observed a brown Kia sedan pass his location traveling at a speed of approximately 85 miles per hour. 

Trooper Lang caught up to the Kia, and stopped it at the 119 mile marker in Natick. Trooper Lang approached the vehicle and informed Robert Cephas, the operator of the vehicle why he was being stopped. Cephas informed the Trooper he did not have a driver’s license on him and provided his information verbally. 

After returning to his cruiser and conducting an electronic RMV inquiry multiple ways using the information the Cephas provided him, Trooper Lang was unable to find a match. 

Trooper Lang was eventually able to locate a record showing a suspended driver’s license and multiple felony arrest warrants, then was able to confirm and match Cephas identity using the RMV photo. Additional Troopers responded to the area to assist Trooper Lang.

Cephas was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. Prior to the vehicle being towed from the scene, Troopers conducted an inventory of its contents and located a loaded .22 caliber Taurus pistol.

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