Russia Struggling In Ukraine, Asking Citizens To Fight

By Tiffany Williams –

The State Department is saying “President Putin’s call to partially mobilize Russian citizens, directing them to fight in Ukraine, reflects the Kremlin’s struggles on the battlefield, the unpopularity of the war, and Russians’ unwillingness to fight in it.”

President Putin the State Department says “Is not operating from a position of strength; rather, this is another sign of his failing mission. We have every confidence that the people of Ukraine will continue to demonstrate resolve and bravery on the battlefield in support of their sovereignty and independence.”

In a statement Wednesday night the State Department said “The United States, our allies, and partners in the international community condemn Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, and we continue to stand with Ukraine and its people. Together, we have provided Ukraine consistent, significant support for its defense, and we will continue that steadfast support for the Ukrainian people for as long as it takes.”

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