Worcester Police Recruitment And New Police Cadet Program

By Tiffany Williams –

Lieutenant Sean Murtha and Sergeant Derrick Leto have both become familiar faces in the city of Worcester. With the Worcester Police Department, Lt. Murtha serves as the Public Information Officer while Sgt. Leto serves as the Diversity Officer.

Both serve as police agencies nationwide are experiencing an officer shortage but for Sgt. Leto, well he’s hitting certain communities to let people know that they can serve with honor by becoming a Worcester Police Officer.

Sgt. Leto and a team of officers that works with him, are working in the community to ensure that Worcester residents know about the police exam in 2023 but also know the requirements to become a police officer with the Worcester Police Department.

They’re also letting people know about a new program that the Worcester Police Department is launching. A police cadet program similar to the Boston Police Department. The same type of program that helped former Boston Police Commissioner William Gross to become a police officer.

The goal of the program is to recruit candidates from underrepresented populations, including people of color and women.

State law allows for cities and towns in Massachusetts to hire cadets. The program in Worcester would require a two year  commitment.

To learn more about the police cadet program or about the 2023 police exam and how to become a Worcester Police officer, you can call the Worcester Police Department and ask for Sgt. Leto.

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