Worcester Man Arrested For Bank Fraud And Aggravated Identity Theft

By Tiffany Williams – 

Thursday, May 13, 2021, Leonardo Nascimento, 34, of Worcester was arrested for bank fraud and aggravated identity theft after fraudulently depositing a United States Treasury check of more than $1 million dollars.

Nascimento, allegedly on October 30, 2020, went to a branch of Santander Bank, opened a business bank account and then deposited a United States Treasury check in the amount of $1,064,613 in someone else’s name into the account. 

Nascimento allegedly provided Santander with a form claiming the payee gave Nascimento permission to cash a check in his name. That form also contained the payee’s purported signature. 

Investigators spoke with the payee who confirmed that the Treasury Check was his 2019 personal tax return refund. It is alleged that Nascimento did not know the payee and that the signature on the check was not the payee’s actual signature.

Nascimento, will make an initial appearance in federal court in Boston at a later date.

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