Doherty And Main South Both Take W’s Tuesday As South And North/Tech Get Shutdown

(WDN Staff)

Tuesday was a great Spring day for some soccer in Central Mass.

At Commerce Bank Field at Foley Stadium, Doherty’s Elijah Kalombo netted two goals, one in each half and Jemal Mohamud netted one goal to help Doherty beat Advanced Math & Science Academy 3-1. Tuesdays W for the Doherty Highlanders is their third for the season. They are 3-1-1 and will end their season this Thursday against Advanced Math & Science Academy.

Also with a W on Tuesday, was Main South who beat Abby Kelley 5-1.

South High got shutdown by Millbury 3-0 and St. Paul beat Burncoat 6-3.

In girls soccer, North/Tech got shutdown 5-0 by Monty Tech and Burncoat got shutdown 6-0 by Notre Dame. Doherty beat South 3-1.

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