Worcester Police Make Drug Arrest At 5 King Street

By Angela Albury –

On Monday, September 7, 2019 a police officer with the Worcester Police Department was doing surveillance in the area of 5 King st.

During his surveillance of this area, this officer observed Hoang Nguyen remove money from his wallet and hand it to Albert Torres-Colon who then handed Nguyen something.

Based on this officers training and experience, they believed that they just observed a street level sale of an illegal narcotic.

As Nguyen left the area this officer observed him take the item that he was handed by Torres-Colon and put it into his shirt pocket.

Officers who were nearby stopped Nguyen and recovered two knotted plastic baggies. One of the officers who stopped Nguyen believed that based on his training and experience, the substance in the two plastic baggies was crack cocaine. This officer released Nguyen but will summons him at a later date.

After Nguyen was released, officers turned their attention back to 5 King Street. The officer conducting surveillance of the area no longer saw Torres-Colon out front of 5 King Street where there was a group of individuals.

This officer continued his surveillance of 5 King Street and after a short time, saw Torres-Colon exit the dwelling.

Officers nearby were notified, they approached Torres-Colon and they arrested him for distribution of Class B (Crack Cocaine).

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