Self-Proclaimed Anarchist Built Molotov Cocktails To Throw At Worcester Police


By Mesfin Beshir –

Today, Vincent Eovacious, 18, of Worcester was arrested by the FBI and has been charged with civil disorder and unlawful possession of firearm, namely a destructive device.

Eovacious who is a self-proclaimed anarchist built Molotov cocktails – homemade firebombs – to use during a demonstration honoring George Floyd. These Molotov cocktails are lethal devices and Eovacious intended to use them against Worcester Police Officers who were protecting protesters.

Hours after a peaceful protest for George Floyd had ended, pockets of individuals had gathered throughout the city including the Main South section of the city where a large group of individuals gathered and became unruly, throwing objects at Worcester Police and blocking traffic.

One officer observed Eovacious in a trench coat on the roof of 848 Main Street pacing back and forth and yelling at the crowd below to kill the police.

The officer observed Eovacious with a bottle that had some liquid in it and he was attempting to insert a rag into the bottle. The officer also observed Eovacious holding a silver object that he believed was a lighter.

A short time latter officers observed Eovacious walking in the area of May and Main Streets carrying a satchel. He was stopped by police and searched. Officers recovered three clear glass bottles with a slightly yellow liquid that smelled of gasoline, five white rags, one green lighter and one silver lighter. Eovacious informed officers that the liquid in the glass bottles was gasoline and that he was “with the anarchist group” and was “waiting for an opportunity.”

Eovacious is scheduled to be arraigned at the U.S. District Court in Worcester on Thursday.

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