Secretary of State Says “Iranian Regime Is Withholding Facts From The world”

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Hosts Romanian President Klaus Iohannis At The State Department

By Linda Harris –

On Monday Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo said “Supreme Leader Khamenei’s fabrications regarding the Wuhan Virus are dangerous and they put Iranians and people around the world at greater risk.”

Secretary Pompeo says that the Iranian regime is withholding facts from the world and that “In February, Iran’s chief terror airline, Mahan Air, ran at least 55 flights between Tehran and China, further infecting the Iranian people. At least five foreign countries’ first cases of coronavirus were directly imported from Iran, putting millions more lives at risk.”

Right now there are 23,049 coronavirus cases in Iran with 1,812 deaths. Iranian Health ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur has said that Iran has been the hardest-hit nation in the Middle East.

Kianush Jahanpur said that “Every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and some 50 people become infected with the virus every hour.”

Secretary Pompeo on Monday said “The Iranian regime ignored repeated warnings from its own health officials, and denied its first death from the coronavirus for at least nine days. The regime continues to lie to the Iranian people and the world about the number of cases and deaths, which are unfortunately far higher than the regime admits.”

According to the State Department, despite U.S. sanctions against Iran, those sanctions do not target imports of food, medicine and medical equipment, or other humanitarian goods. Secretary Pompeo says, “Iranian documents show their health companies have been able to import testing kits without obstacle from U.S. sanctions since January.”

Pompeo has also confirmed that the “United States has offered over $100 million in medical assistance to foreign countries, including to the Iranian people.”

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