Tracking Coronavirus In The Bay State

By Daniela Walsh –

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases grew over the weekend from 525 cases on Friday, to 646 cases on Saturday.

Also since Friday, 5 coronavirus related deaths have been reported in Massachusetts.

According to Mass DPH, 338 men and 308 women have tested positive.

When mapping the virus by county, Middlesex County has the most cases with 199 reported and Suffolk County has the second most highest reported cases with 126.

75 are from Norfolk County, 60 from Essex County, 37 from Worcester County, 25 from Plymouth County, both Barnstable County and Bristol County report 24, 23 are from Berkshire County, 12 from Hampden County, 2 from Franklin County, 4 from Hampshire County, 1 from Dukes and Nantucket County, and 34 are unknown.

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