Boston Police Arrest Jamaun Coakley-Thomason And Marcus Matthews On Firearms Charges

By Tiffany Williams –

Early Monday morning at about 2:30 AM, Boston Police arrested Jamaun Coakley-Thomason, 21, of Roxbury and Marcus Matthews, 21, of Dorchester.

Both Coakley-Thomason and Matthews were charged with; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.

In a statement, Boston Police said “While conducting an investigation in the area of 5 Mount Pleasant Avenue in Roxbury, officers recovered three firearms after observing two individuals attempting to hide behind a tree and a parked motor vehicle as officers approached the area. After further investigation, officers recovered a Glock P80, .40 caliber, loaded with fourteen rounds, a Rossi .38 Special revolver loaded with five rounds and a Glock 19 9mm, loaded with ten rounds.”

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