Estefano J. Lobo Of Pawtucket, Rhode Island Pleaded Guilty Tuesday To Federal Drug Charges

By Tiffany Williams –

Estefano J. Lobo, 30, of Pawtucket, Rhode Island pleaded guilty Tuesday to possessing cocaine base with intent to distribute and possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.

Lobo’s arrest was part of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and Pawtucket Police detectives 

During this investigation Lobo was observed make a hand-to-hand crack cocaine delivery to another person and was arrested a short time later. He was found to be carrying 1.35 grams of crack cocaine and $580 in cash. 

A court-authorized search of Lobo’s residence resulted in the seizure of 98.45 grams of cocaine powder, 19.44 grams of crack cocaine, $7,652 in cash, and, among other items, tools associated with processing cocaine powder into cocaine base. 

Following his arrest, Lobo admitted to agents that for the previous several months he had been processing cocaine powder into crack cocaine and distributing it. 

At the time, Lobo was serving a four-year term of supervised release as a result of a prior conviction in the District of Rhode Island.

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