Not A SundayFunday For New England Minor League Baseball

By Tiffany Williams – 

In downtown Worcester Sunday, a midday meeting between the Worcester Red Sox and the Durham Bulls. Sunday was the sixth outing of six between these two clubs. This series started with Durham winning 0-16 Tuesday night to open this series, Wednesday night Durham took their second win of the series, 1-3, Thursday night, Worcester owned the game with a 12-0 no hitter bounce back win, Friday night Worcester claimed a 5-1 win, Saturday Worcester pulled off their third win of this series 9-1 and Sunday This game opened up with Franchy and Almonte making it over the plates at the bottom of the first to make this a 0-2 Worcester game. And then at the top of the second Tristan Gray hit a homer for Durham to make it a 1-2 Worcester lead. Top of the sixth, Rene Pinto hit his eighth homer for Durham to drive in Josh Lowe and put Durham on top 3-2. Top of the seventh, Durham got four runs in to make this a 7-2 Durham game. Top of the eighth Josh Lowe hit a double to help drive in Cardenas Brujan to put Durham on top 9-2. Before this game, this series would come to a close Abraham Almonte made it over the plate for Worcester to make this a 9-3 Durham game.

The Worcester Red Sox, were selected to participate in the “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond” event series for the next three seasons.  In their game Sunday afternoon, the WooSox wore special Black Panther jerseys. Marvel’s Black Panther was and is a cultural phenomenon. For many black people in particular, we have found a cultural oasis that feels like nothing we’ve seen before. Chadwick Boseman, who achieved international fame for playing the Marvel Comics superhero Black Panther passed away August 28, 2020. After Sunday’s Worcester Red Sox game, WooSox outfielder Christin Stewart said he was playing in Milwaukee for Detroit the day Boseman passed away, and when he hit a homer he did the Wakanda Forever sign.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats, owners of three straight against the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Sunday, Richmond cracked open this game with seven runs at the top of the first. Brett Auerbach got things started for Richmond with a double to help drive in Brandon Martorano and Tristan Peters to make it a 2-0 Richmond game. A wild pitch helped to drive in Brett Auerbach to make it a 3-0 Richmond game. Before the end of the top of the frame, Riley Mahan hit a grand slam to drive in Sean Roby, Armani Smith and Jacob Heywood to make it a 7-0 Richmond game. At the top of the second Armani Smith hit his tenth double of the season to drive in Brett Auerbach to put Richmond on top 8-0. Top of the third Tyler Fitzgerald hit a homer to drive in Riley Mahan and make it a 10-0 game. A homer at the top of the seventh by Carter Aldrete made this an 11-0 game Top of the eighth, Martorano made it over the plate to make it a 12-0 game. And then Brett Auerbach hit a homer to drive in Tristan Peters and that made this a 14-0 game. Bottom of the eighth, Zach Britton made it over the plate to make it a 14-1 game. 

Up in Portland Sunday, the Sea Dogs, owners of two straight wins against the Erie SeaWolves, took a 6-4 loss Sunday. The Seawolves cracked open this game at the top of the second with Wenceel hitting a homer to make it a 1-0 game. Bottom of the second, the Sea Dogs found their way into this game with a homer by Stephen Scott to make it 1-1. Top of the fourth, Daniel Cabrera hit a single to help drive in Dane Myers and Gage Workman to put the SeaWolves on top 3-1. Bottom of the fifth, Sea Dogs took the lead in this game with Izzy Wilson hitting his seventh homer of the season to make it a 3-2 SeaWolves game. Both Will Dalton and Christian Koss found their way over the plate to put the SeaDogs on top 3-4. But at the top of the seventh, with a homer by Quincy Neporte and a run by Dane Myers, the SeaWolves took a 5-4 lead. To end this game, Quincy Neporte hit a homer at the top of the eighth to give the SeaWolves a 6-4 win.

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