Worcester Red Sox Starter Brandon Walter Gives Up Six Runs In Syracuse 8-4 Win

By Tiffany Williams – 

With a Worcester Red Sox 9-8, tenth inning walk off win Tuesday night and a 6-5 win Wednesday afternoon you could see Worcester was struggling against the Syracuse Mets and with Brandon Walter starting on Thursday, this contest was a toss up but Syracuse ended up taking this one 8-4.

This was a toss up with Brandon Walter because he hasn’t been solid down in double-A to build a level of confidence for a triple-A start. On May 10, he gave up nine runs (1 homer) in the one inning that he was at the mound. On May 15, he gave up six runs (3 homers) in five innings. On Thursday he made his triple-A start and in the second inning he gave up six runs for Syracuse to pull out on top early in this contest. Down in the rookie Florida Complex League formerly the Gulf Coast League, Walter was a decent player. Last season he played with the Red Sox A+ and A team and then this season found his way to Portland’s roster where he only had five appearances that weren’t the best double-A starts.

At the top of the second with Daniel Palka, Carlos Rincon, Travis Blankenhorn, Nick Meyer, Cody Bohanek and Khalil Lee all scoring to put Syracuse on top 6-0. Chad Tracy made the best decision to replace Walter with Brian Keller who went 4.1 allowing just two hits and striking out four.

After five scoreless innings at the bottom of the sixth, Christin Stewart hit a double to drive in Grant Williams and Ryan Fitzgerald. Before the end of the sixth Christin Stewart scored to make it a 6-4 Syracuse lead.

With Syracuse scoring at the top of the 8th and 9th they grabbed their first win of the series, 8-4. 

Worcester and Syracuse will go at it again Friday night in game four of this six-game homestand at 6:45 p.m. Friday night is the UniBank Fireworks, “Gettin’ Jiggy with the 90’s.”

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