Dominican National Sentenced To 4 Year For Illegal Reentry And Money Laundering

By Oscar Mercado –

On Tuesday at the United States District Court in Boston, Rafael Pascal, 57, a Dominican national was sentenced by U.S. District Court Chief Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV to four years in prison.

On July 12, 2019, Pascal pleaded guilty to illegal reentry of a deported alien and money laundering conspiracy.

In January 2002, Pascal was deported to the Dominican Republic. In May 2012, Pascal was located in Palm Beach County, Florida after illegally reentering the United States. Pascal subsequently pleaded guilty to illegal reentry and was deported in 2013.

Pascal again illegally reentered the United States prior to being arrested in May 2018 on state drug charges. A fingerprint match at the time of his arrest identified Pascal as a previously deported alien and he was taken into federal custody and charged in this case.

From March 2017 through July 2017, Pascal participated in a conspiracy to launder money obtained from the sale of controlled substances.

Pascal obtained cash proceeds from drug sales from various individuals and then delivered the money to individuals who were responsible for laundering the money.

On one occasion, Pascal picked up and delivered $59,060 to an undercover agent. Pascal also arranged for drug sales proceeds in New York to be picked up and laundered. Pascal was held responsible for the laundering of more than $200,000 in drug proceeds.

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