Ariel Henry To Become New Prime Minister Of Haiti

By Tammie Mitchell –

Claude Joseph, the acting Prime Minister of Haiti said on Monday that he will cede power, Joseph has been acting PM since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise but his leadership has been disputed.

Before his assassination, President Moise appointed Ariel Henry to be PM and Henry has been recognized as the PM by the international community.

Joseph, who has served as foreign minister under Moise said that he and Henry had met privately and that for “for the good of the nation” he agreed to step down on Sunday. Joseph added that Moise was a friend to him and that he wants to see justice for him.

As soon as Tuesday, Joseph could step down and Henry will become the new PM of Haiti. Joseph would resume his role as the minister of foreign affairs.

Moise’s wife who was shot but survived the attack on her husband, returned to Haiti on Saturday. She has not spoken publicly or issued any public statements.

President Moise’s funeral will be this Friday in Cap-Haitien. Moise, 53, was shot at his home on July 7 by assassins armed with assault rifles. On Friday, Colombian police said that former Haitian justice ministry official Joseph Felix Badio, may have ordered the assassination of Moise.

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