Two Community Fridge Programs Feeding Worcester Are Joining Together

By Jerry Filmore Jr. –

Monday night, Worcester Community Fridges and Worcester Free Fridge announced that the two organizations are merging as one.

In a joint statement to Worcester Daily News, the organizations say, “When we said this was a barrier free way to feed people and provide for them we meant free from community politics and organizational competition that would only take away from all of our abilities to truly combine our resources and talents to make a greater overall affect in the community. The essence of mutual aid and free food sharing is about building the strongest support system in our community that we possibly can in an effort to better support our neighbors. It’s clear that competition has no part in this goal; we feel really grateful to continue to grow our free food mission as a united group. This is the beginning of a free food revolution for Worcester.”

Both organizations together will have three community fridge locations in Worcester and they will be:

910 Main st. WooFridge
44 Portland St. Woo2
300 Southbridge St. Free Fridge

Worcester District 1 City Councilor, Sean M. Rose told Worcester Daily News, “A number of people assume that COVID is the reason for food insecurity. The issue of food insecurity is not new. These Community Fridges are helping curtail the problem. I commend them for their efforts and look forward to working with them in my District.”

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