Springfield Police Arrest Suspect With Outstanding Warrants Who Stole A firearm

By Tiffany Williams –

On Sunday, police in Springfield responded to a gun call and upon arrival officers were informed by a person that they had had a bag with a gun stolen. The victim informed police that the suspect had ran into 140 Chestnut St.

Officers located the firearm on a mezzanine rooftop below 140 Chestnut St. Springfield Police said that they searched the apartment that they determined the suspect had ran into. During that search, officers recovered the bag that the stolen firearm was in.

The suspect has been identified as Oscar Garcia, 22, of Chestnut St. and he was placed under arrest.

Garcia has been charged with carrying a firearm without a LTC, carrying a dangerous weapon (firearm) while having an active warrant, improper storage of a firearm, larceny of a firearm, larceny from a person.

In addition to the charges Garcia was arrested on Sunday, He had four outstanding default warrants. One of those default warrants was for armed robbery and breaking and entering nighttime for a felony.

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