State Police Arrest Three Men In Springfield With Three Loaded Firearms

By Eric Merlin

On Thursday, December 31, 2020 Trooper Bardier with the Massachusetts State Police was on patrol in the area of exit 10 on 1-91 North. At approximately 6:30 p.m., Trooper Bardier observed a vehicle traveling in front of him with no license plate light and an unreadable license plate.

After checking the vehicle through CJIS it was determined that the vehicle had not been inspected since 2018. From his observations of the vehicle and the information from CJIS, Trooper Bardier conducted a motor vehicle stop.

Trooper Bardier approached the vehicle from the passengers side of the vehicle and made contact with the operator of the vehicle. The operator provided Trooper Bardier with a Mass Driver’s License which identified him as Shamar Rennis. A check of Rennis’ license with CJIS revealed that his license was suspended for failure to pay fines. Rennis was removed from the vehicle, he was pat frisked for weapons and then Trooper Bardier placed Rennis in the rear of his cruiser.

Trooper Bardier then asked the front seat passenger and the rear right seat passenger for their license and both informed Trooper Bardier that their license were suspended. A check of both individuals through CJIS did reveal that their licenses were suspended. It was at this time that Trooper Bardier determined that the vehicle would be towed.

Trooper Bardier requested that two additional troopers respond to his location. Troopers Cahill and Muto responded and both the front seat passenger and the right rear seat passenger were removed from the vehicle.

The front seat passenger was identified as Eddylberto Hurtado and prior to being removed from the vehicle, Trooper Bardier observed Hurtado moved a shopping bag from his lap to between his thighs and the seat. Based on Trooper Bardiers observations, the shopping bag appeared to have a firearm in it. At this time Trooper Bardier did go hands on with Hurtado and pulled him from the vehicle. Trooper Bardier requested to see Hurtado’s LTC but Hurtado stated that he did not have one.

The right rear seat passenger was also removed from the vehicle and he was identified as Joshua Acevedo. When asked if he had an LTC, Acevedo stated that he did not and then he placed in the rear of one of the responding cruisers.

Trooper Bardier also asked Rennis if he had an LTC and he stated that his LTC was suspended which was verified through CJIS.

After all three males were placed in the rear seat of cruisers, troopers recovered from the vehicle a black and silver Taurus PT24/7 G2 9mm hand gun. The handgun was loaded with one round in the chamber and fifteen rounds in the magazine.

During a search of the vehicle, troopers located and recovered a second firearm on the right side of the drivers seat, tucked between the drivers seat and the center console. The second firearm was a black SCCY CPX2 9mm handgun. This handgun was also loaded with one round in the chamber and nine rounds in the magazine.

Troopers continued their search of the vehicle, they located and recovered a third firearm located in the back seat pocket of the passenger seat. This firearm was a Springfield XD 9mm handgun and was loaded with one round in the chamber and fourteen rounds in the magazine.

While being transported to the Mass State Police Barracks in Springfield, Rennis informed Trooper Bardier that he would like to take responsibility for the firearm located between the drivers seat and the center console. Rennis also informed Trooper Bardier that his cousin in Georgia had purchased the firearm for him.

Rennis, Hurtado and Acevedo were each arrested and each were charged with unlicensed possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm and possession of ammo without a FID card.

Rennis, was additionally charged with operating on suspended license, no inspection sticker and number plate violation.

Acevedo, was additionally arrested on a warrant out of Chicopee District Court.

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