Worcester Police Locate Abducted Child And Arrest 2 For Kidnapping

By Yonatan Omar –

Saturday morning, Worcester Police were informed by a woman that her newborn child had been abducted. Additionally, this woman informed police that she had met an individual through Facebook for coffee. She had never met this individual before Saturday.

This individual has been identified as Kassidy Lauziere-Cuevas, 19, of Millbury. Lauziere-Cuevas offered to pick this woman up so they could get together to grab coffee.

According to Worcester Police the woman and her newborn baby “entered Ms. Lauziere-Cuevas’ vehicle. They stopped at the Gulf gas station at 590 Southbridge St, and the mother briefly entered the store. At this point, Ms. Lauziere-Cuevas drove away with the baby. The mother exited the store and immediately flagged down a Holy Cross Police officer, who called Worcester Police to assist.”

Worcester Police conducted a citywide search for the abducted child and extended that search to neighboring towns. Also used was the reverse 911 system to alert the public.

About 10:10 a.m., the suspect vehicle was located by Shrewsbury Police in Shrewsbury, but neither Ms. Lauziere-Cuevas nor the baby were in the vehicle.

During their search and while investigating this incident, Worcester Police were informed that Lauziere-Cuevas might be with a Daquan Jefferson, 23, of Worcester, and the baby in the Lincoln St area.

At about 12:05 p.m., officers received a call that a male had left the baby with an uninvolved citizen at Subway at 490 Lincoln St. The citizen at Subway called, and officers responded and the mother was reunited with her child, who appeared to be safe and unharmed.

Officers received information that the two suspects, Ms. Lauziere-Cuevas and Mr. Jefferson, were in the area of Wendy’s on Lincoln St.

Officers responded and both were taken into custody and charged with Kidnapping and Reckless Endangerment of a Child.

Criminal information and complaints are only allegations. All persons charged are presumed to be innocent unless and until found guilty in court.

At this time there is no additional information involving this incident. For updates, follow @crimetrackersma on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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