Worcester Red Sox Fall To The RailRiders, 1-0 In 5 Inning Game

By Tiffany Williams –

Thursday nights the Worcester Red Sox first resumed game 2 of 6 against the RailRiders which was suspended Wednesday night because of weather coditions in the area. After given up the last six games, the Worcester Red Sox looked a little better on both sides of the ball and won game two 6-2.

Game three, the regular schedualed game for Thursday night, as the rain came down, 5,047 fans were still in the stands and it was game on for the Worcester Red Sox and the RailRiders.

In the top of the third, Estevan Florial scored to make it a 1-0, RailRiders game.

In the top of the 6th, a rain delayed was called and then the umpires called the game.

The final at Polar Park Thursday night was Worcester 0 and the RailRiders 1.

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