Sports Rewind – Pirates And WooSox Win, Bravehearts And Boston Red Sox Both Get An L

By Tiffany Williams –

On Saturday night, The Massachusetts Pirates played the Tucson Sugar Skulls and won, 37-34. Alejandro Bennifield and company showed their toughness and roughness in this game.

Impressive and impactful for the Pirates, was Josh Gable who made three field goals. His first was for 52 yards and then in the final seconds of this game, he kicked a 48 yard field goal to seal the win for the Pirates.

The Pirates are now 4-3 for this season. The strength, fitness, and agility of the Pirates on both sides of the ball, has just been amazing to see this season. Jawad has truly put together a great group of guys.

On Sunday, the WooSox wrapped up a six game homestand with a 5-2, win against the IronPigs. The WooSox have now won 13 of 19 games for June.

The WooSox will next play a six game stretch against the Rochester Red Wings on the road.

While the WooSox are on the road, you can check out their home at Polar Park. The WooSox announced on Sunday that beginning Monday, they will be doing hourly tours of Polar Park. Tours start at 10AM and the last tour starts at 5PM. The tours of the park are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 15. For more information about the tours or to buy tickets for a tour, visit

Also, on Sunday the Worcester Bravehearts, sadly lost 4-2, against the Pittsfield Suns and the Boston Red Sox lost on Sunday. Kansas City beat Boston, 7-3.

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