Breathalyzer Tests Between 2011 And 2018 Ruled As Inadmissible Evidence By District Court Judge

By Stacie Caruso –

Earlier this month on February 10, the office of District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. announced that “More than 4,700 Worcester County defendants charged with operating under the influence of alcohol will receive letters in the mail saying they may be entitled to a new trial because of problems with breathalyzer evidence.”

After some defendants challenged the accuracy of the breathalyzer tests, District Court Judge Robert Brennan decided that breathalyzer tests administered between 2011 and 2018 and used in criminal trials were inadmissible evidence.

The District Attorney’s says the letters, from the Trial Court, were sent to OUI defendants in Worcester County and that statewide, there are about 27,000 defendants who may be eligible to contest their convictions.

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