Worcester Police Arrest 2 Suspects In Connection With Homicide At Wendy’s

By Amanda Porter –

On Friday, October 20, 2020 Detective Mark Richardson of the Worcester Police Department Detective Bureau arrested Messiah Amankwa, 18, of 7 Gibbs St. in Worcester.

On Saturday, October 21, 2020 Detective Mark Richardson arrested Diomar Odany Lopez Carrasco, 23, of Cherry St. Spencer.

Messiah has been charged with murder and Carrasco has been charged with Accessory after the fact.

On Saturday, October 24, 2020 officers with the Worcester Police Department responded to the parking lot of the Wendy’s at 500 Park Ave. Upon arrival officers located a 17-year-old male in the drivers seat of a Chevy Equinox who had been shot in the head.

The victim was pronounced dead by Paramedics at the scene and an autopsy performed later by the Chief Medical Examiner, determined that the cause of death was gunshot to the head and manner of death was homicide.

Amankwa was identified by a witness through a photo line-up as being in the victims vehicle and video surveillance of the area shows an individual looking like Amankwa running from the victims vehicle.

Video surveillance does not show anyone else in the victims vehicle or near the victims vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Also through video surveillance, Worcester Police were able to identify the suspect vehicle as a silver Buick Encore and after the shooting that vehicle fled the Wendy’s parking lot at a high rate of speed.

The shooter in this incident was in the rear seat of the silver Buick Encore.

During their investigation, Detectives determined that the silver Buick Encore was a rental vehicle and had been rented to the mother of Carrasco who is a known associate of Amankwa.

Detectives also determined through cell phone records that Carrasco was at the Wendy’s at the time of the shooting and it was also determined that he was the driver of the silver Buick Encore that was seen fleeing the scene.

Both Amankwa and Carrasco were arraigned on Monday morning in Worcester District Court and both pleaded not guilty.

Judge Robert J. Pellegrini ordered that Amankwa be held without bail and committed to the Worcester County House of Correction.

Judge Robert J. Pellegrini ordered that Carrasco be committed to the Worcester County House of Correction with a $25,000.00 cash bail. If Carrasco posts bail, Judge Robert J. Pellegrini ordered that he be put on a GPS only allowed to leave his home for legal and medical appointments.

Both Amankwa and Carrasco are scheduled to be back in Worcester District Court on December 22, for a probable cause hearing.

The assistant district attorney presenting the case at the arraignment did hint to the court that grand jury proceedings were going to begin and that Amankwa and Carrasco could be indicted before their next District Court date.

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