Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force Make Firearm Arrest On Westville Street

By Cedric Trahan –

On Monday, October 5, 2020 at about 10:24 p.m. State Troopers and Boston Police Officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force were in the area of Bowdoin Street when they observed a vehicle with tint they believed was excessively dark.

After doing a CJIS check of the vehicle they were informed that the registration/insurance was canceled and the vehicle had a failed inspection sticker.

With the information they had, a decision was made to stop the vehicle in the area of 20 Westville Street. The vehicle slowed down however did not come to a complete stop until it was in the area of 60 Westville Street, about 450 feet from where officers activated their lights.

After stopping, officers approached the vehicle and requested the driver put down the window because the tint was so dark that they couldn’t see inside the vehicle.

The driver complied and put the window down at which time officers were able to identify the driver as Kyree Thompson.

The officers and troopers observed that Thompson was visibly nervous and whIle talking with him he was also mispronouncing his words.

Thompson was asked if there were any firearms or weapons in the vehicle and he stated that there were not. He also gave the officers and troopers permission to search the vehicle.

Thompson stepped out of the vehicle slowly and officers and troopers observed that he had his legs tight together. While doing a pat frisk of Thompson the trooper doing the pat frisk had to ask Thompson to widen his stance. The trooper felt a hard object in Thompson’s groin area that he believed was a firearm.

Thompson was placed in handcuffs and an officer assisted the trooper in recovering and securing the firearm.

The firearm recovered was a Berretta with 8 live rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 live round of ammunition in the chamber.

Thompson was arrested and transported to C-11 for booking for firearm with two prior, possession of a firearm loaded without a license and possession of ammunition subsequent offense.

Thompson was also issued a citation for excessive tint, unregistered motor vehicle and uninsured motor vehicle.

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